Antica Trattoria A Sole
Via Fontana Fozze, 2/1
Castegnero - VICENZA
Tel. +39 0444 730211
Fax +39 0444 738455
Closed on Wednesday.
Antica Trattoria Al Sole
Trattoria Al Sole
Antica Trattoria Al Sole
Antica Trattoria Al Sole

Simplicity and exquisiteness in the kitchen. Flavors sincere, which you can trust

Antica Trattoria Al SoleExquisiteness in cooking reveals itself in the right ingredients. Exquisiteness to be ironic, traditional, curious. And allows itself to be tasted, to penetrate its flavours. This is the Trattoria Al Sole, a restaurant specializing in home-cooking. With a long history of stories, colours and perfumes from the Berici Hills.

Roberto BernoRoberto Berno knows how to draw together the depths of flavours in foods, making it possible for his clients to savour the authentic flavours of his land. In the kitchen he is an innovator, his preparations are based on unwritten rules. In his restaurant you will find the true and forceful character of the Vicentine cuisine.
Le Buone Tavole dei Berici
Antica Trattoria Al Sole is one of the restaurants of the "Le Buone Tavole dei Berici".